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BaCure: An Innovative Targeted Immunotherapy

  • High efficacy: BaCure is highly efficacious against multiple different types of cancer.

  • Excellent safety profile: BaCure has several built-in safety mechanisms incorporated.

  • Strong CD8+ T-cells response: BaCure educates CD8+ T-cells to kill metastases.

  • Long-lasting immunity: BaCure elicits long-lived immunity, preventing cancer recurrence.

  • Reduced tumour-escape mechanisms: BaCure inhibits tumour cell migration and increases apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy.   

Mechanism of Action

1. Several types of cancers can develop resistance for conventional treatments. In addition, tumours employ mechanisms to hide from and inactivate the immune system. However, administration of BaCure intratumourally allows for proliferation inside the tumour.

2. BaCure then kills the tumour from the inside out by inducing necrosis, apoptosis and autophagy. In addition, it exposes the tumour to the immune system by increasing immune cell infiltration and inducing release of tumour associated antigens.

3. The effect of BaCure will result in the education of CD8+ T-cells that can kill metastases and ensure long-lived immunity, thereby reducing the likelihood of recurrence.


Cancer Cell

Necrotic Cancer Cell

Dendritic Cell



Conventional treatment

Tumour specific CD8+ T-cell

T-cell receptor

Tumour associated antigen

Bacterial Vector as a Drug Delivery System

Mantis is currently also working on the development of a bacterial vector that can be used as a drug delivery system. We received a Eureka Global Stars grant for this research in collaboration with a relevant Indian partner

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